Review Policy

Hello, and thank you for reading. 
What I do: 
  • I accept all Young Adult books for review, though a review cannot be guaranteed.
  • I would be very happy to take part in/host any blog tours or interviews on the blog. Please contact me on with more details.
  • I stick to the good old star ratings, and here are my general sentiments about each broken down:

I absolutely loved this book! I will recommend this to everyone and anyone without hesitation. 

 I really enjoyed this and would generally recommend.

I generally enjoyed this, though I do have criticisms. Would likely recommend. 

 I didn't like this but I didn't hate it. May recommend on a case by case basis. 

I disliked this so much I couldn't finish it. Would definitely not recommend. (Hope to never need this)

  • I will aim to review all the books I receive, though unsolicited books are not guaranteed.
  • I reserve the right to not review a book I have read or received for whatever reason.
  • I prefer to read hard copies, but also accept electronic copies, preferably in PDF format. 
  • I will accept advanced reader copies and already published novels.
  • For review requests, please send a summary of the book with a jpeg of the cover to

Email me at


As this blog progresses, some books reviewed may have been received free of charge from the publisher or author. Each review will state at the end where this book came from with a link to more information and where to buy the book. I do not receive compensation, monetary or otherwise for the reviews. I currently will not accept self-published books to review. 
I work in the publishing industry, and in publicity no less. I currently work on adult books, mainly non-fiction, but I want to put a clear disclaimer here saying I will never review/comment on a book I am working on professionally on this blog.  

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